How Can We Show Love to the Homeless?

No one desires to be homeless, or an addict. Although both are results of bad decisions, they are still diseases that require assistance and/or treatment. I do not know how to heal the homeless, but I do know how we can make their life a little easier.

During the month of November, everyone reflects on why they are thankful. For the homeless and addicts, it is more difficult to find something to be thankful for. That is why I am starting a Blessing Bag campaign. Most people are hesitant to give money to the homeless beggar on the street, but Blessing Bags can serve as a great alternative way to give them something. We would love to create 80 bags to share this month! Check out this video for more information.

This is the Checklist for you to review what you can donate. Print it out. Download it on your phone. Take it shopping.
These are the message cards that will be placed in each bag.

How can you help?

You may choose items on the Checklist and mail them to me, or drop them off at EQ Fitness and Physical Therapy, 2414 Devine Street, Columbia, SC 29205.

If you would rather donate money and specify what you would like for me to purchase from the Checklist, then you can send the money through Venmo (@Parenting-2-A-Tee), PayPal (Parenting 2 A Tee), or through Zelle (843-616-3552 Wells Fargo). (I can provide you with an EIN for tax purposes, if you desire.)

Once the bags are assembled, you may pick them up from EQ at the above address and begin distributing and blessing others. I will update you once they are available.

Can you create your own bags?

Of course!! If you create your own bags and distribute them, please let me know! Comment on here where you gave them out and how many people you were able to bless!

Thank you so much for committing to bless the homeless in our state! It is my prayer that they will have something to be thankful for during this Thanksgiving season!

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