A Hand Full of Love


My mom was the master of chocolate chip cookies. She made them every weekend and holiday. She used her hands to mix the dough and roll the cookies. Her hands always seemed to do this just right. My mom had the perfect hands for making cookies, but her hands showed me love in many other ways. As much as I depended on my mama’s hands for love and support, I rely on God’s hands even more.

My mom’s hands made the best chocolate chip cookies.

Mom used her hands to help me bake all kinds of cookies, but chocolate chip were her specialty. She measured just the right amount of sugar, flour, vanilla, and chips, then rolled the dough into perfect little balls. Memories of baking flood my childhood. Baking was a family activity that we all looked forward to, but eating the cookies was my favorite part!

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My mom’s hands were full of love.

The reliance on our mom’s hands began way before we are able to bake cookies with her. When we were born, the first thing our mom did was hold and cuddle us with her hands. She reached out and lifted us up when we fell down. Whenever she held our hands while crossing the street, it made us feels safer.

A mom’s hand can show love in so many ways. She uses her hands to push a child in a swing, or hold them close when they are having trouble sleeping at night. She uses her hands to rub a child’s back when they are having tummy aches or headaches; comb their hair when its messy; tie shoes that are too big for tiny fingers; help color pictures of dinosaurs and princesses; work puzzles that need solving; and teach preschoolers to write their ABC’s. A mother’s hand is always ready to show love for her children.

A mama’s hands are just different.

A mama’s hands are just different. They are used to rock a sleepy child, feed a hungry baby, give hugs and kisses, and wipe away tears…..and most of the time, moms can do all these things simultaneously. While driving, moms can hand out food, drinks, bottles, napkins, or anything the kids in the back may request, and still get everyone to their destination safely . Moms just have that special ability.

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Hands are meant to show love. They are not meant for discipline.

A mom’s hands are not meant for discipline, but for showing love, comfort, safety, empathy, and encouragement. Children should remember the touch of their mother’s hands as an act full of love. They should not be fearful of their mom’s hand…..ever! (I will save another whole blog post for the discipline issue.) Your children are never too old for holding hands with you. While riding in the car, sitting in church, walking down the street, or sitting on the couch watching TV, you should take those opportunities to hold your child’s hand. That is a gentle touch that will resonate with your child forever.

A mother’s hand is important, but God’s hand is the best!

Now that we have seen how many ways a mom uses her hands to express love to her children, let’s see how that compares to God’s almighty hand. Do you ever wonder just how much God loves you? It says in Isaiah 49:16 that God has your name permanently engraved in the palm of His hand, and no man can pluck you out. He loves you so much that He promises to hold you forever in the palm of His hand! 

This is the same hand that created the universe. It is the same hand that healed the sick. It is the same hand that fed the 10,000. It is the same hand that turned water into wine. It is even the same hand that was nailed to the cross!! Yes! That hand holds you permanently! 

His hand is always there for us! Psalm 63:8 reminds us that His strong right hand upholds us securely! He will never let us go! That is love! He even tells us to cast ALL of our worries on Him, because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). He wants to wrap His loving arms around us and take care of all of our anxiety….not some of it, but ALL of it! 

God’s almighty hand is the epitome of perfect love!


Mamas have unlimited ways to express their love using their hands, and these all play a vital role in bringing their children up to feel unconditional love. There is one last way, however, that a mom can show love through her hands. That is to let her children see her turn the pages of her Bible and fold her hands in prayer. Teaching her children about God’s love is the most important thing a mom can do. God may not be able to make cookies or push a swing, but He can do so much more. No other love can match His love. All you have to do is take your hand and reach out and grab His hand….the one that already has your name engraved in the palm.

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